Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise

2017 Cruise Review

2017 Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise Summary

In March 2017, we sailed the caribbean with Joe Greene, Brett Keisel, Casey Hampton and Rocky Bleier, among 25 other current & alumni players. Rocky Bleier dazzled guests with his"An Evening with Rocky Bleier" performance and Joe Greene was moved by his legendary teammates with epic "Joe Greene Legendary Stories". After returning from the cruise, Casey "Big Snack" Hampton made news headlines with his legendary belly flop!

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2017 Cruise Fan Reviews

  • “Every year, this cruise gets better and better, and we truly appreciate all you do for us.”

    - Kay S., CA

  • “This cruise is amazing for a die hard fan like me. Made so many friends and also with the Legends staff. Couldn't think of a better way to spend 4-5 days.”

    - Jamie H.

  • “Most favorite thing about the cruise?? the whole thing! I loved seeing returning players & meeting new players, meeting back up with Steeler friends...”

    - Holli S., OH

  • “My most favorite thing about the cruise is the interaction with the the players who are just normal people like us. The cruise staff from Legends was also amazing!!!”

    - Crystal B., MD

Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

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